Skip. Order. Pay

Introducing a seamless ordering and payment experience that enhances service for guests, and is a fully integrated solution for businesses and venues.

Why Ready is Different

There’s no wait

Guests have instant access to the ordering and payment products, simply by scanning a QR code.

No sign up

Your guests don’t have to enter their personal information to use Ready, which provides ease of service, and maintains trust.

No app to download

One tap, or scan, on their phone connects them straight to your POS and payment system for the most seamless experience possible.

Turn tables faster

With your guests being able to pay and go without waiting for the bill to arrive, you can turn over your tables up to 23 minutes faster, seat more guests, and increase your turnover.

Fast to deploy

Ready is quickly set up, with displays either using standard form factors, or designed to your existing branding concepts.

Training and support

We provide full training and support to help you understand the Ready system and all its useful features.

Ready Product Suite


Ready Pay is designed to make it easy for guests to view and split the bill on their phone, pay, and be on their way. Servers can spend more time focusing on the guest experience, and the simplicity of mobile payments increases customer satisfaction.

Designed for full-service restaurants.


In-seat ordering is now easier. Guests can scan the QR code from where they’re seated, and pay straight away. The QR sticker identifies where the guest is seated, so that runners can deliver food without guesswork.

Designed for stadiums and hotels.


Virtual kiosks enable guests to self-order from their phone, and skip traditional queues for express pickup.

Designed for QSRs, cinemas, and other large format venues.


View · Split · Pay · Go

Your guests no longer have to wait for the wait staff to bring the bill. A simple scan or tap on the code at their table instantly brings up their order. Everyone can pay their share while they continue their conversations, and leave as soon as they’re ready.


Sit · Order · Pay · Enjoy

Ordering from seats just got a whole lot easier. All it takes is quick scan of the code nearby. Your guests can instantly bring up your menu, order, and pay in one go without having to download an app. Runners know exactly which seat the guests are sitting at, which streamlines the entire process from order to delivery..


Order · Pay · Skip · Collect

Ready Skip enables direct ordering for express pick-up by eliminating expensive infrastructure. Guests can simply scan the code on their phone to bring up the menu, order, pay, and collect their order.

Perfect for large venues serving a high number of guests in a short time period, such as stadiums and movie theatres.