Putting Powermat to use

Discover how Powermat can help you build loyalty, improve sales, and encourage your customers to keep coming back.

Proven Concept. Proven Profits.

“We were pleased with the customer response and we’re now expanding this offering nationally to provide our customers a quality and reliable experience as they use our stores as their respite, their office away from home or as a gathering place with their friends and family.”

– Adam Brotman, Chief Digital Officer at Starbucks

What You Get

Learn how working with Powermat can energise your business.

Wireless Charging

Nobody likes a low battery. Keeping your phone charged just got easier. With Powermat wireless charging, there are no cables, no outlets, and no worries. Our technology is easy to install, tamper-proof and provides peace of mind.

  • Battery life is a huge consumer concern
  • Convenient, future forward technology
  • Safe and easy to maintain – no cables, outlets
  • Enterprise grade products
Turning Surfaces into Power Sources

Embedding power into table tops is a technological leap. The annoyance of power cords, finding outlets and bending down to access them are gone. Finally phones can charge within easy reach.

  • Innovative design
  • Charging power within easy reach of customers
Customer Loyalty

People are becoming more and more dependent on their phones – for work, for play, for everything. Powermat offers the one thing all phones need – power. Plus, our app drives people to your business, lets you offer promotions and manage targeted campaigns. Join us today.

  • Know your customer
  • Build a relationship
  • Offer promotions
  • Manage campaigns
Interactive Experience

Our app lets you speak to your customers while they’re actually in your place of business, delivering personalised point of sale marketing.

  • Location based messaging
  • Personalised content
Increase Your Business

People need battery power. Why not give it to them? You’ll have more foot traffic, a competitive edge on other businesses, and the ability to increase revenue during visits by delivering exclusive offers to Powermat users.

  • Increase revenues with every visit
  • Drives foot traffic into the store at all hours
  • Get a competitive edge on other businesses
Enterprise Grade Solution

We make installation happen without a lot of fuss and we have experience installing in all sorts of environments. Our technology is theft and tamperproof as well as self healing and controlled from the cloud.

  • Suited for installation in volatile environments
  • Theft and tamper proof
  • Self healing and managed backend control


What is Powermat?

Powermat is a wireless power network that connects venues with customers who need to power up. Founded in 2006, Powermat is the fastest growing wireless power network serving venues globally.

Is Powermat in my city?

Powermat is expanding throughout the US and Asia Pacific in the coming year. If Powermat isn’t in your area yet, the simple act of signing up will help bring us to you even faster.

Can I add Powermat to my business?

Powermat can be added to any venue, from cafés, restaurants, and hotels to conference centres, airports and stadiums. Powermat can also be pre-fabricated into furniture or other surfaces, enabling designers, manufacturers or fabricators to easily add Powermat to their offerings.

How will Powermat impact my business?

Powermat delivers an interactive mobile experience for your portfolio. It creates a communication platform between you and your customers so you can share special offers and promotions.

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