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Everfy takes the pain out of providing Wi-Fi at your events and trade shows. A venues fixed Wi-Fi will rarely meet the needs of your event. We offer a fully managed service that delivers an exceptional guest experience in any situation or location – we’ve done it all.

Events are becoming more interactive as technology use increases. Mobile data is relatively expensive for both the consumer and vendors. Large conference halls often have connection black spots. This decreases satisfaction, and increases costs to everyone.

Why choose Everfy?

Digital Mass, has been providing event solutions for over 10 years. We’ve helped over 1,000 events connect users and vendors to outstanding user experiences. Ask us how we can deliver an affordable solution tailored to your needs.

We’ve worked with some big names:

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Boost Your Profits with Sponsor Branding

Offer your sponsors more with branded ‘Wi-Fi access’ stands, landing pages and email capture. Upon joining the WiFi connection, Everfy can redirect users to your website.

Tech that Matters


Protect everyone’s data and identities with a secure network. Users will have the confidence in knowing that their information is safe and they are being looked after, and you can choose your own network name and password to ensure valid parties are the only ones accessing your setup.


EverFy provides reporting across the board so that you can see which areas of the event are popular, how many devices are connected, and which devices are being used. See Internet Usage Reports to identify what users are accessing. Use that information to plan for your next event and provide consumers with more of what they want to see.


Connect an unlimited number of devices and never go overcapacity. EverFy scales to your event needs to provide a seamless WiFi network. And more units can be added on if event interest is higher than anticipated.

Fast. Scalable. Mobile.

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