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Modern workplace solutions for security, safety and efficiency

In a world that has dramatically changed, workplace management comes with a new set of challenges. Envoy offers a range of solutions designed to keep employees safe, secure, efficient and happy.

workplace environment


Keep your staff safe by having a digital record of every visitor on site. Efficiently check visitors in, record an image, and print out badges so that all visitors have proper credentials.

health & safety


Minimise the spread of germs and illness by managing capacity, workplace access and implementing an office contact tracing system.



Digitally manage visitor sign-in and mail deliveries. Alert staff to visitor arrivals and package deliveries using automatic phone alerts.

Workplace solutions


Envoy Protect

Envoy Protect ensures your staff are kept safe by requiring a health questionnaire to be passed prior to onsite access, and managing staff capacity.

In order to access the office, staff must sign in and fill out a questionnaire before being granted approval. Once the number of registrations for a single day have reached capacity, Protect prevents any other employees for reserving a spot at the office.

At the office they are granted access by using the Envoy app on their phone to announce their arrival and unlock the door. This reduces the number of shared surfaces that need to be touched.

By managing staff numbers, having a register of staff entering the building and reducing shared surfaces being touched, your business can minimise the spread of germs and contact and trace affected staff if an employee falls ill.

Envoy Visitors

Signing in visitors using traditional methods can be time-consuming for reception staff.

Envoy Visitors checks visitors in quickly by having them input a few key details, and have an NDA signed digitally to protect intellectual property.

A photo of the visitor can be taken, and an automated alert sent to the correct staff member so that no one is waiting around unnecessarily, and the visitor can be correctly identified in the reception area.

Give visitors the correct credentials by printing out badges, and ensure staff can identify people who are genuine visitors.

Envoy Visitors smooths out workflow for staff and visitors, and improves security for the workplace.


Envoy Deliveries

With online shopping heavily on the rise, more and more people are having deliveries sent straight to their workplace to avoid loss of packages.

Envoy smooths out the delivery process by allowing admin staff to quickly scan packages and send alerts to the correct recipient. Staff can quickly find where their package is stored, and mark it as retrieved.