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Keep your business and your customers safe

Anonymously monitor real-time foot traffic and occupancy with Density’s people counting platform

density's infrared tracker anonymously tracks people entering or exiting a room or building

Keep track of your occupancy rates in real time

In a time where businesses are facing restrictions on capacity for social-distancing requirements, businesses need an easy way to keep track of capacity in real-time. Density uses anonymous infrared technology to register the presence of people as they enter and exit, and can send alerts when your building is nearing capacity.

Use space more efficiently

Density’s tracking and analytics can provide insights into how much space you actually need, what kind of space types you need for your business, and how you can optimise staff services and amenities, all of which can lead to cost savings.

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Side photo of a Density sensor placed above a door

Improve safety and security

Density’s infared sensors monitor from directly above the doorway. The algorithm is designed to monitor for human activity and ignore other objects. Unauthorised access is reduced because tailgaters are unable to walk into the building undetected.

The accuracy of the system means that you’re always aware of capacity and can avoid code violations, and during an emergency your business knows exactly how many people were in the building at the time.

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