Bring power to your customers

    Chargifi’s wireless charging boosts engagement, and keeps you connected to your customers.
    Gain insights, gain loyalty, and boost sales.

    Discover Chargifi

    With top smartphone manufacturers now building wireless charging functionality into their mid to high-range phones, there is a greater demand from consumers for convenient wireless charging.

    Chargifi’s wireless charging provides a unique touch point to engage with customers, and is easily deployed using a market-leading, cloud management platform.

    Expert Installation

    No-fuss installation by our team, with customised branding to blend seamlessly into your business

    Industry-grade hardware

    Fast, reliable and tamper-proof, while real-time monitoring enables maximum up-time for the charging network

    Powerful analytics

    Get access to user behaviour insights to help your business boost revenue and customer satisfaction

    Improve customer experience

    Utilise data to gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and create custom experiences

    How Chargifi works

    Chargifi SmartSpots are wireless charging transmitters that use Qi charging technology. They can be retrofitted into existing furniture, either with a seamless finish or a table-top option, meaning they can be customised to suit your setup.

    They’re easily deployed at scale, so that your business can have as few, or as many charging spots as required. Real-time network and diagnostic data through Chargify Manage means that you can constantly monitor how your SmartSpots are operating, and identify any issues in the network.

    The platform is complete with Chargifi Connect, which monitors customer behaviour across all of your SmartSpots. Chargifi Connect has an open API, which means endless possibilities for incorporating other software systems that you already use in your business.

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