At Digital Mass we work with big brands to solve huge problems. We partner with smart clients to launch new products, services and campaigns that enhance the customer experience and build brand loyalty.

Connected Retail

The connected shopper demands more from retailers than ever before. At Digital Mass, we create solutions that provide your customer with a seamless shopping experience, from wireless charging to social commerce, beacons and more.

Connected Venues

From personal services like mobile apps and ticketing to indoor mapping, analytics and social displays, we have the expertise and technology to create experiences that will delight your customers and grow your business.

Connected Events

The next 6–12 months will see an 85% or greater mobile app adoption rate among event professionals (MPI research). Your attendees are ready to be engaged and inspired; we use technology to help them get the most value from your event.


Get wireless charging in your business and build customer relationships, improve experiences, and boost your business.


The world’s first “Plug and Measure” analytics system for retail and digital outdoor media.



Fast, Reliable & Sponsor Friendly Event Wi-Fi.


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